Minha História de Fantasma

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My Ghost Story. Quantas pessoas têm as suas histórias filmadas? Bem-vindos mais uma vez a “Minha História de Fantasma” [My Ghost Story], com relatos incríveis e verdadeiros, contados por seus protagonistas, com fatos registrados em vídeo, desde móveis que se movem até aparições violentas. Continue acompanhando, você não terá outra saída senão acreditar no que vê.

Lista de episódios

1ª Temporada - Dublado

Episódio 01 The Evil Down Below
"Bewarehouse" - EMF Engineering Building, Carson City, California
"Haunted on the High Seas" - Star of India, San Diego, California
"Ghost of the Underground Railroad" - (old farmhouse), Eaton, Ohio
"Bridge Lost in Time" - The Fairmont Algonquin Hotel, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
"The Ghost is Clear" - The Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas
"The Claw Haunting" - Kashmar Silk Boutique, Virginia City, Nevada
Episódio 04 The Boy In The Closet
"Spirit Boy of Monterey" - (private residence), Monterey, Californiao
"Baffling Blue Mist" - (Gas station), Parma, Ohioo
"From Silver City To Ghost Town" - Silver City Ghost Town, Bodfish, Californiao
"Dog's Best Friend" - (private residence), Oak Park, Californiao
"Suicide Gambler" - Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, Californiao
"Tortured Souls In The Hollywood Hills" - (private residence near the Sharon Tate murders area), Los Angeles, California
Episódio 05 Screams In The Dark
"Above A Mass Grave" - (private residence), Milton, Florida
"The Most Haunted Town In Texas" - Pride House Pub, Jefferson, Texas
"Spirits of a Stage Coach Stop" - Paci's Lounge, Malden, Pennsylvania
"Presidential Apparition" - President Polk's Tomb, Nashville, Tennessee
"The Grey Ghost" - RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California
"Phantoms From The Morgue" - Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Episódio 06 The Face In The Window
"Evil Entity Intervention" - Civil War Museum at the Exchange Hotel, Gordonsville, Virginia
"Mirage at the Menger" - Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
"Demonic Engagement" - (private residence), Buffalo, New York
"Silent Film Freakout" - Return to Babylon (silent film), Los Angeles, California
"Whaley House" - Whaley House, San Diego, California
"Entity Cafe" - Coral Cafe (family restaurant), Burbank, California

2ª Temporada - Dublado

Episódio 02 A Haunted House
"Haunted Attraction" - Black Moon Manor (haunted house attraction), Greenfield, Indiana
"Destination Eternity" - Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 (crash site), London, Indiana
"Anger At Iron Island" - Iron Island Museum, Buffalo, New York
"Spooky Speakeasy" - Gas Light Inn, Lebanon, Indiana
"Secretary Scare" - Victorian house (real estate offices) (former funeral home), New Lenox, Illinois
"Ghost Boy and His Dog" - Andrew Woods House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Episódio 04 The Hand of Death
"Tale of a Crypt" - Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, Colorado
"Slaughter in the Basement" - Haunted Farmhouse (private residence), Fort Scott, Kansas
"Haunted Horse Farm" - Horse Farm (private residence), Salvisa, Kentucky
"Prosperous Spirits" - Prosperity School Bed & Breakfast, Joplin, Missouri
"Light Fright" - (private residence), Ocala, Florida
"Christmas Light Anomaly" - Early 19th-century house (private residence), St. Clairsville, Pennsylvania
Episódio 05 The Dark Spirit
"A Family's Inferno" - Palmyra Historical Museum, Palmyra, New York
"Beware of Wolfe Manor" - Wolfe Manor, Clovis, California
"The Mist Train" - Short Line Railroad Enginehouse, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
"Phantom of the Opera House" - Rohs Opera House, Cynthiana, Kentucky
"A Housewarming Surprise" - (private residence), Surprise, Arizona
"Hangman Haunting" - Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Episódio 06 Life After Death
"'Til Death Do Us Part" - (private residence), Boynton Beach, Florida
"A Family Drawn Together" - (private residence), Reno, Nevada
"Bloodcurdling Birdcage" - Birdcage Theater, Tombstone, Arizona
"Smiling Ghost" - Huguenot Cemetery, St. Augustine, Florida
"The Hauntings of Buggs Temple" - Creation Cafe and Euphoria Restaurant at Buggs Temple, Indianapolis, Indiana
"Spirited Bar Brawl" - Katie's Bar, Long Island, Smithtown, New York
Episódio 10 Things That Go Bump In The Night
"Black Mass" - Trichome Health Consultanta (wellness-center office), Colorado Springs, Colorado
"Bishop of Brownella" - Brownella Cottage, Galion, Ohio
"Disturbance in the Jailhouse" - Freestone County Museum/Barbara & H. Neil Bass Wing (19th century jail), Fairfield, Texas
"Bedlam in Bellville" - (private residence), Bellville, Ohio
"Bumps in the Night" - Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
"Scratches in the Night" - 17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant, Savannah, Georgia

3ª Temporada - Dublado

Episódio 05 Hotel Hell
"Stemie's Unsolved Mysteries" - Stemie's Place Family Restaurant, Easton, Pennsylvania
"Mt. Misery Loves Company" - Mount Misery Road, Hunington, Long Island, New York
"There's Something About St. Mary's" - St. Mary's Art Center, Virginia City, Nevada
"Good Golly Miss Molly Tynes" - Molly Tynes Farm, Tazewell, Virginia
"Hotel Hell" - Georgetown Hotel, Georgetown, California
"The Rotten Rotting Judge" - (private residence), Sacramento, California
Episódio 09 There is Something Evil in this House
"Scary Mary" - The Rising Sun Inn, Franconia, Pennsylvania
"Beelzebub´s Burial Ground" - The Point Cemetery, Logtown, Mississippi (Also appeared on Fact or Faked "Graveyard Lightning/Truck Stop Terror)
"Jarring Jordan Springs" - Historic Jordan Springs, Jordan Springs, Virginia
"The Coal Miner´s Cemetery" - The Historical Pocahontas Cemetery, Pocahontas, Virginia
"Southern Fried Spirits" - Catfish Plantation Restaurant, Waxahachie, Texas
"Shadows In My House" - (private residence), Ashland, Virginia
Episódio 10 Holiday Hauntings
"Spooky Surveillance Camera" - The Farside Lounge, Colorado Springs, Colorado
"A Family's Inferno" - Palmyra Historical Museum, Palmyra, New York (from Season 2, episode 5)
"Dog's Best Friend" - (private residence), Oak Park, California (from Season 1, episode 4)
"Christmas Light Anomaly" - (private residence), St. Clairsville, Pennsylvania (from Season 2, episode 4)
"The Ghost Is Clear" - The Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas (from Season 1, episode 1)
"Tabitha's Ghost" - (private residence), San Diego, California (from My Ghost Story: Hauntings Revealed 2)

4ª Temporada - Dublado

Episódio 02 Bones in The Basement
"Spirits on Tap" - Si Greene's Pub, Indianapolis, Indiana
"The Road to Apparition" - Scottdale Road (Shrigley Park), Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
"House of Paine" - Paine House Museum, Coventry, Rhode Island
"Satan's Wall" - Haunted House Hideaway (haunted attraction), Georgetown, Illinois
"One Starry Nightmare" - (haunted cemetery), Edgerly, Louisiana
"Paging Doctor Death" - Columbia Manor Haunted House (haunted attraction), Columbia, Alabama
Episódio 04 Fear The Creeper
"The Axe Man Cometh" - Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, Iowa
"Take a Picture; It'll Slash Longer" - (private residence), Lisbon Falls, Maine
"Fear the Creeper" - Graber Olive House, Ontario, California
"Leave it to Cleaver" - (private residence), Shakopee, Minnesota
"Where the Spirits Roam" - Miss Molly's Hotel Bed and Breakfast, Fort Worth, Texas
Episódio 08 Ship of Lost Souls
"Respect Your Eldreds" - James J. Eldred House, Eldred, Illinois
"Sweet Child Divine" - (private residence), Ramona, California
"Ship of Lost Souls" - U.S.S. Hornet, Alameda, California
"Best Little Haunt Town in Texas" - Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson, Texas
"Spirit Searcher" - (haunted bookstore) (former bordello), Fort Worth, Texas
Episódio 11 Let's Scare Them
"Dead Horse Walking" - Walking Horse Hotel, Wartrace, Tennessee
"Decapitation Station" - Cohoke Crossing ("Cohoke Ghost Lights"), West Point, Virginia
"Attack Attic" - (private residence), Norwood, Ohio
"Alice in Spookyland" - Virgil Hickox House, Springfield, Illinois
"Whispering Willow" - Willow Creek Farm, Cherry Grove Township, Illinois

5ª Temporada - Dublado

Episódio 05 Damnation Plantation
"He Who Must Not Be Named" - (private residence), Salt Lake City, Utah
"Leave Those Kids Alone" - Antiques & Uniques Collectables, St. Augustine, Florida
"Middle Burning Town Hall" - Middleboro Town Hall, Middleboro, Massachusetts
"Patton Was a Fake" - (private residence), Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
"Damnation Plantation" - (1910 plantation house), Lineville, Alabama
Episódio 06 Souls Adrift
"Ghostly Gunslinger" - The Old Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, Kentucky
"Get the Ball Rolling" - Preston Castle, Ione, California
"Souls Adrift" - National Civil War Naval Museum, Port Columbus, Georgia
"Checked Out" – Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, Carnegie, Pennsylvania
"Spirited Cemetery Séance" – Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, Sylmar, California

America Latina - LA

Episódio LA
"Betito" Distrito Federal, México
"O Malvado Virrey" Bogotá, Colombia

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